News & Results Special Events Shooting & Sightseeing England and France 2012

Shooting days


Training day


Sightseeing at


Sightseeing at t
he Cathedral of Ely


North Western Counties Field Trials Association
24 Dog AV Open Retrievers Stake

Judges J. Drury, S. Tweedy, G. Coupar & D. Haycock
1st L. Jacksons' Lab Dog Ellijas Danny
CoM F.P. McAdams' Lab Dog Shaemas Orouke
CoM D. Capels' Lab Dog Flashmount Meade

"Allez, allez" (Foto: Harald Hubert)

Field Trial pour Retrievers
Action de Chasse

Cloyes sur le Loir (F)
Juges: Anja Möller (D), Gareth Davies (GB), Chris Brain (GB), Jean Louis Pigal (F)


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